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CBS Catches My Eye With “Vegas”


CBS has announced its fall debut dates and I scrolled through the list to find out what shows I wouldn’t be watching this season – with the exception of 60 Minutes.  Amid the uninspired cop dramas and sitcoms The Eye is constantly churning out (although Person of Interest piques my – well, interest – because Michael Emerson is generally terrific) I came across the series premiere of a show called Vegas.

Initially, I was curious because I thought USA already had had a show by that name.  A quick Google search later and I came across this preview:

Vegas Video – Exclusive Preview – CBS.com.

Needless to say, I was impressed.  A cast of actors generally known more for their work on the big screen, a look and feel more typical for a show on HBO or FX, and a pretty cool looking story to boot.  Set in the 1960s, Dennis Quaid plays Ralph Lamb, a Vegas-area rancher who seems pretty resistant to the construction boom in Sin City.  The mayor, played by veteran character actor Michael O’Neill (Agent Butterfield in The West Wing), approaches Lamb and asks him to get back into law enforcement to clean up the town.  On the other side of the law is Johnny Savino, portrayed by The Shield’s Michael Chiklis, a mobster who wants to run the town for himself.  Other notables in the cast include Carrie-Anne Moss (The Matrix, Memento) and John O’Mara who plays a cop in a different time period for the third straight show (Life on Mars, Terra Nova) although this time it seems like he doesn’t have to time travel to get there.

CBS seems to be following shows like Boardwalk Empire with its own gritty period mob drama; one of the series writers is Nicholas Pileggi, who penned the books and screenplays to Goodfellas and Casino.  Despite being a crime drama set in Sin City, Vegas seems pretty far from CSI and I’ll be checking it out this fall.


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