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Windows on the World: Explore These Live Cams

If you’re looking to cure some voyeuristic urges, check out some cute animals, be entertained in the middle of the night, or you’re just lacking a window, explore.org has the solution.  A friend of mine posted a link on Facebook for a live feed of six Golden Retriever puppies who were born in June and will be trained as service dogs for wounded combat veterans.  After poking around on the site a little, I came across more than a dozen of these feeds, capturing the lives of different animals all over the world.  And since they span across time zones, there’s something to see almost any time of day or night.

Polar Bear Siku Central European Time Zone – best viewing hours are 8-11am ET when Siku comes out to play.

Siku is pretty tough to catch, as the little guy requires plenty of rest.  Growing up in Kolind, Denmark, Siku’s name means “sea ice” and he had to be hand-raised because his mother wasn’t producing milk.  He is now being weened away from humans, his caregivers hoping he will mature and join the other bears in the Scandinavian Wildlife Park.

Puffin Loafing Ledge Eastern Time Zone – best viewed from 5am-9pm ET.

These cute little tuxedo birds hang out on a ledge overlooking the Atlantic in the Seal Island National Wildlife Refuge in Maine.  Getting the signal back from the camera is not an easy feat, as it is beamed 26 miles from the island to a radio tower and relayed to a dish on a local hotel.  The orange-billed puffins aren’t the only visitors that frequent the ledge, so you can catch many other seabirds hanging out there too.  Check out too the Puffin Burrow Cam showing a newborn puff still living in its den.

Service Dog Puppies Central Time Zone – best viewed anytime, although the puppies do sleep a lot.

As explained above, these little pups are just a few weeks old and you can check in on them and their mom 24/7.  The five girls and one boy will provide spirit-lifting therapy to Wounded Warriors for the next two years.  They sleep a lot – often running in place when they do – and are just plain adorable no matter what they’re doing.

Tropical Reef Camera Pacific Time Zone – best viewed during daylight on the West Coast.

Don’t have an aquarium?  Just load this up fullscreen on your monitor for a desktop view into a reef filled with colorful fish, rays, sea turtles, sharks, and even divers sometimes.  Located in Long Beach, California, the 350,000 gallon tank is  part of the Aquarium of the Pacific.

Chinese Pandas China Time –  best viewing hours are 5-8pm & 11-130am PT.

The panda cams at the Wolong Nature Reserve and Bifengxia catch Tai Shan – a 7-year-old global sensation who was born at the National Zoo in D.C. – Zhi Chun, Qing Shan, Zhao Yang, Ao Ao, and Shenbin as they live their lives.  They’re black and white bamboo crunching cuties who don’t seem to mind if you watch them eat, play, or sleep.


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