Einstein and Eisenstein

A blog about science and movies.

About the Blogger

Hi!  My name is Michael Wickham and this blog is about two of my favorite topics – science and movies.

The first is probably because of my dad, a really smart guy who always seems to know how everything works.  I can remember as a kid coming home from school and telling him what I had learned – and every time he already knew it!  He loved taking things apart and showing me the inner workings and from that I learned to keep asking questions about the world around me.  That led me to college, where I received a BS in Physics, the ultimate discipline for asking “why?” of the Universe.

The second topic has been a passion of mine for as long as I can remember, and I’m not quite sure where it came from.  I just know I’ve always enjoyed watching movies and hoped that one day I could make them.  So after college, I worked in the news department at a television station in Albany, NY as a videographer and editor, learning how to tell stories using moving pictures.  On the side I made short films with my friends, through a group we started called Midas Touch Media.  Today, I live in Los Angeles, working as a freelance videographer and making my dream of making movies a reality.


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